The Week #166

  • We got our Nissan Sakura. I won't give a full review, as I'm not a automotive expert, but it's everything I'd hoped it would be. It's quiet. The automatic parking works great – even parallel parking in front of my house. Kei's really do fit Japanese streets much better than regular sized cars.

    Mainly though, I don't feel like the Onceler polluting the air (and exasperating climate change)Β  everywhere I go. For a full review, check out the Fully Charged Show's review of the Sakura.
  • Speaking of Nissan, I watched the documentary series on Carlos Ghoson (former CEO of Nissan/Renault) on AppleTV. It was interesting to see and hear how he escaped from Japan in a box. Before the documentary, I was on team "they're (Nissan) probably overreacting because they want him out"...and now I'm not so sure. Even with that, I still think his treatment was unfair...but that's the Japanese justice system generally. Well worth a watch.
  • A small milestone for Leo, but he's showering by himself now. I haven't had to wash his hair or bum in over a week. He's been capable of doing it for a while now I reckon, but I just asked him to do it one day...and he got the taste of being a big kid and it seems there's no going back.
  • In work related news, Octopus Energy is buying Shell's household energy business. This will result in about 2 million accounts for Octopus Energy UK and Germany. Exciting times!
  • jwz (founder of Netscape) owns a club DNA Lounge in SF. They're having (had?) a Cyberdelia event with a Hackers (1995) screening and music. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. I won't attending, so why am I mentioning it? Because they made a hypercard zine(!!) for it, which runs on the internet archive's hypercard/system 7 emulator. So good.
  • I found out that a favorite restaurant of ours closed down - not for a lack of business, but because the chef was retiring and there wasn't anyone to take it over. Lunch was always 3 different set menus, A, B, or C. I forget what they were exactly, but A was my favorite. It was a butter-jyouyuu (butter-soy sauce) spaghetti with a hamburger patty and fat slice of simmer daikon on top, served with rice, salad, and coffee. The chef always gave us a cup of crab-miso soup on the house. Ajisai, you will be missed.