Response to Trams, Cable Cars, Electric Ferries: How Cities Are Rethinking Transit

Urban transportation is central to the effort to slow climate change. It can’t be done by just switching to electric cars. Several cities are starting to electrify mass transit.
It's really great to see how varied the methods of transport they're installing are. The photos are also really great.

Yokohama trialed some fully electric buses recently, but they found trouble with the hills and battery life. I think it was as these were retrofitted buses using 3-old Nissan Leaf batteries. I hope they switch the fleet over to electric asap though, as the noise and fumes at the bus centers are horrible.

β€œIt has become a reasonable position to advocate for less space for cars,” said Felix Creutzig, a transportation specialist at the Mercator Research Center in Berlin. β€œTen years ago, it was not even allowed to be said. But now you can say it.”

My favorite quote and I am happy this is becoming the case. Felix, welcome to The War on Cars.