Response to kandr3s [Andrés Cárdenas]

I installed Tanzawa. It's amazing. Seriously amazing.
I feel right at home using its UI. I'm loving testing it locally, but there's two things I haven't figure out:
1. What's the best way to import content from markdown files?
2. Custom link support.
Thank you for such kind words, Andrés!

To answer your questions:

1. There isn't a direct way to import markdown into Tanzawa. Wordpress would be one way, but you'd likely lose the "post kind" data along the way. The Tanzawa Wordpress import was really designed for moving data from the IndieWeb Plugins to Tanzawa. I also haven't run it since I imported my site in April, so it might be broken.

Perhaps the best way, although it would require a little programming, would be to convert the posts to microformat and POST it to the micropub endpoint. Something like this would be useful for many people, so if you do go this route, I'd love to be able to direct people your tool.

2. Custom link support is something I've been thinking about. I think might handle it with a plugin, but I'm not sure. Right now the only way to add a redirect in your nginx or apache configuration. So not simple or scalable.
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, James. I wish I had the technical knowledge to accomplish these things and help with Tanzawa development, but I know only enough HTML, CSS and Javascript to build simple websites. The truth is I like Tanzawa so much I don’t mind moving the content manually, I’m actually doing it slowly on my local installation. Not the best option and there’s a lot of work to figure out every url redirect on nginx, but in the end it’ll be worth it. As I try to move the content and test all the options in Tanzawa, I noticed some limitations I’d like to ask you about. Is there a way to use iframes (embed media) with the editor? I think I understand the reasoning behind not allowing external sources and could adapt to not using iframes or embeded media at all, however I think having an option to share videos on a personal website is important. Maybe I missed the explanation on how to do it somewhere in the docs. On my current local installation Tanzawa Replies do n…