The Week #146

  • For how off-again-on-again (mostly off) my running is, I sure do mention it a lot on The Week. I kinda feel obligated after spending all that time to make a Strava integration, only to use it for a month and just stop 😫.Β 

    I had this idea that perhaps changing my habits from never being a sports person to runner was a bit too far. A 30 minute run sounds like not a lot of time, but it's really an hour when you factor in changing, showing, and changing again. Going from "nothing" to hour+ of commitment per day is a drastic change.

    Instead I'm trying to just focus on becoming more active, make that habitual, then I can worry about running (or I can mix running in). A 20 - 30 minute walk doesn't require a change of clothes and takes exactly that long. For starters I'm trying to just close all of my rings consistently ( 12-hours stand/450kcal/30 minutes exercise).Β 

    I can already regularly close the 30 minutes exercise ring because of taking Sophie for a walk and using my bikeΒ  or walking most everywhere. It's the 450kcal ring everyday that's been elusive, even if just barely. This week I hit it 6 days and only missed the day it was raining heaps outside.
  • Speaking of 450kcals, we left a stick of butter on the table from breakfast before leaving for lunch on the weekend. While we were out, Sophie jumped up on the table and helped herself to the entire stick. I could tell immediately when we returned because instead of greeting us like she usually does, she was wheezing like a guy who overindulged pizza.
  • After overindulging on the butter, she wasn't feeling well. She went over to the tatami (why the tatami?!) and barfed buttery-vomit. We cleaned it up immediately, but the smell – it's taking a while to disappear. We might end up needing to replace that tatami.Β 

    Later that day she still wasn't feeling well (that's what happens when you eat a stick of butter(!)). She barfed a second time on Leo's bed (again with the barfing on soft, absorbent things). He doesn't use it, so we didn't have one of those protective sheets down, but boy do I wish we had. We cleaned it up immediately but it was already too late. It made it down into the mattress-foam. We took off the mattress cover and washed it and let it air dry outside, but it still smells. Air drying the mattress outside in the sun also seems to have not worked as much/quick as I'd hoped. It might slowly be getting better, or I'm just getting desensitized to it.

    I'm glad she's feeling better now, but what a mess.
  • While we were at lunch, we stopped by a vintage store. Inside they had a lot of cards from the early 90's: Ghostbusters (1984) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) with scenes from the movies on them. Having the cards immediately made Leo interested in watching these classics.Β 

    We watched Ghostbusters on Saturday night. Leo liked slimer and the marshmallow man at the end. Sunday night we watched the ninja turtles. He really likes that he's "in the movie" because of Leonardo. I had to repeat the two scenes where they say just "Leo" for him while he had the biggest of grins.

    I haven't watched TNMT since I was a kid, but I was surprised just how well those turtle costumes stood up. They don't look dated or clearly fake like CG would've. Good stuff.