The Week #80

  • While I bookmarked a post about No Social Media Club, there are social media accounts that make me chuckle. One of my favorites is the World Bollard Association because it shows basic infrastructure protecting their city from dumb/reckless drivers.
  • I made a few small PRs to indieweb-utils Python library. I haven't made any functional changes yet, mostly just laying groundwork for future development. I'm looking forward to pushing this library forward a bit, so I can adopt it and remove some code from Tanzawa.
  • Covid cases are spiked like they have elsewhere in the world with the new variant. Two Saturdays ago, 20 cases, last Saturday 354 cases. Yikes. It was fun couple of months while it lasted, getting back to normal-ish.
  • The street in front of my house at night is quite dark as I'm next to a field and it's a dead end. But people do walk along my street quite often as there's an "emergency only" path (also sans lights) that people use as a shortcut all the time. Basically, it's too dark. some day, there will be a small road connecting us to the houses across the small field. I'm happy to say that after 2 and a half years, and 2 applications (1 failed), the city finally installed a light on the utility pole on the edge of my property.
  • We went for a short day trip to Hakone. It wasn't anything planned, we just decided to go and 20 minutes later we headed for the station. It was a fun ride a sbuway, commuter rain, another train that climbs a mountain (with it being the steepest tracks in Japan, 2nd steepest in the world), a cable car, and finally a ropeway over "the valley of hell" to Owakunidai.

    Owakunidai is an active volcanic valley, which sulfuric gasses venting all the time. It smells as nice as you'd imagine. Maybe because it smells like eggs, they also boil eggs in the sulfur/iron rich water, which turns the shells black. Eating one is supposed to extend your life 7-years. You can buy 5 with some salt for Β₯500. Not bad for an extra 25 years of life!Β 

    Hopefully this trip should fill Leo's rail needs for the next few weeks while covid does its thing.