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This is a brilliant remake of MySpace. I love how simple the design and how fast it loads. 34kb of Javascript sent over the wire and 33 of that is jQuery. Total page size including images, 350kb. It's the stuff of dreams these days.

Back in the MySpace hey-day I liked Facebook more than MySpace for its clean and consistent design. But looking back with 20/20 hindsight I can't help but think I was remiss. MySpace was quite a special site in a special period of the web. People that maybe wouldn't ordinarily care about html or css were learning how to code them so they could customize their sites. Anything was possible.

A lot of whimsy has been removed from the web as people locking themselves into the big social networks. Maybe a site like MySpace/ is a happy medium between the wild-west/running your own server and total platform lock in.