Early birthday breakfast at Bill’s in Shichirigahama. Going to Bill’s is always a treat – not just because the food is great, but it’s relaxing to be able to stare off and watch the surfers do their thing. Perhaps more relaxing was that we dropped off Leo at the grandparent’s house so it was just the two of us.

We split the Full Aussie (free-range scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, roast tomato, herbed garlic mushrooms, pork and fennel sausage) and Ricotta hotcakes, fresh banana and honeycomb butter. No photos of view this time around as we were sat inside.

Full Aussie

ricotta hotcakes, fresh banana and honeycomb butter

New running shoes came in today for my early birthday present. Also my first low-carbon footprint shoe at 9kg, about 3.5kg less than average and is offset by Allbirds themselves.

Hinomaru is a Japan exclusive color combo, so had to go for it.